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2013 BMW M6

2013 BMW M62013 BMW M6 - by 4/5 Rating
Comfort and luxury
For comfort and luxury are mainly the relatively abundant space, at least allow the emergency also take a foursome, the army of assistance systems and electrical workers and lots of paint and leather, which make the 2013 BMW M6 ​​to the oasis of luxury for the fashionable summer resort.
2013 bmw m6
2013 bmw m6

For The adrenaline is, however, the new V8 twin-turbo charging and replaced with the previous ten-cylinder engine. The engine sounds better, not only by miles than the old V10, because the M's engineers have composed it with the four tailpipes, a wonderful sound. He also has more steam: 412 kW/560 hp and 680 Nm are now in the car registration and provide breathtaking acceleration. After all, the BMW M6 ​​comes in 4.3 seconds to 100 outlet to 305 km / h That the engine is not only stronger but also more economical, in circles of the M-driver at best a side note worthy. Who cares about 30 percent efficiency gain and a consumption of 10.3 liters, which is anyway if only to get put to the test and you as a potential customer is likely to M6 has no monetary worries?
2013 bmw m6
Luxury boat and boat racing
Luxury boat and boat racing - this conflict have brought the Bavarians not only for ambience and inaugural under one roof. The chassis is this balancing act. Of course, the M6 ​​conceal his two-ton curb weight any more than his handsome format of almost five meters. But it's amazing how sharp and smoothly it can also drive along narrow country roads. At least as impressive as it is, however, how dignified and calm hovers over the M6 ​​motorway, how little he can get short of transverse joints in the peace and quiet as it suddenly on board, if you will for once make the roof.

Specifications: 2013 BMW M6 Convertible
Four-seater convertible in the luxury class
Drive: V-8 twin-turbo direct injection engine, 4395 cc,
412 kW/560 hp, 680 Nm, double-clutch automatic transmission 7G-
Top speed: 305 km / h
0-100 km / h: 4.3 sec
Consumption: 10.3 liters
CO2: 239 g / km
Trunk: 300-350 liters

Price: starts at $ 106,995.
2013 bmw m6

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