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2013 Ford Focus Titanium

2013 Ford Focus Titanium2013 Ford Focus Titanium - by 4/5 Rating
2013 Ford Focus Titanium is at first glance, a sleek combination trip. The interplay of wide hood pulled down, increasing fluency window and sloping roof line, he seems much longer than it actually is 4.56 meters. A striking feature is especially the front with the large trapezoidal air intake, the bi-xenon headlights and fog lights. The rear looks by far the modern rear lights drawn into the flank.

ford focus titanium 2013

The five-door Ford Focus Titanium 2013  is - without mirrors - 1.82 meters wide and about 1.50 meters tall, these are the dimensions of a compact car. Nevertheless, little things like help the combination of the lush sound of falling into the castle doors, to overcome the class barriers.

ford focus titanium 2013 interior

The interior is modern. At first glance, the cockpit looks slightly cluttered with buttons and knobs. But in practice, it quickly became apparent that the operation is perfectly matched to the driver. The handle on the big board in the center console, instrument is rarely necessary to turn around to the navigation system. Almost every function can also be controlled via the steering wheel buttons.

Helpful is the display of individually adjustable on-board computer, which is located between the tachometer and speed indicator. Cast as the well-made steering wheel is in the hand. A candy is LED lighting, which bathes the interior when driving at night and instruments in a very pleasant light.

The front seats offer proper lateral support and the rear passengers can take even longer behind drivers yet comfortable space. Drawback: The visibility of the station wagon is the greatly reduced tapering windows in the rear. However, a wider rear view mirror and large mirrors this lack repay a large extent. In addition, the test vehicle with the optional blind spot warning system is fitted, the warning with a flashing dot in the exterior mirrors in front of approaching vehicles in the rear view mirror are not recognizable.

Limited receptive are the storage compartments in the doors. Here a few inches would work more wonders. At the rear, opening up a high-soaring cargo door of the storage space with a very low loading height, depending on the load and the vehicle can cast 476-1516 liters of luggage will be accommodated. Thus, the 2013 Focus Titanium is head to head with the Vauxhall Astra Sport Tourer class competitors and VW Golf Variant.

ford focus titanium 2013

In the test car is a 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine with 110 kW/150 hp that accelerates the focus in 8.8 seconds from zero to one hundredth The smooth-running four-cylinder New Ford Focus Estate features: Compact Combination of the athletes dress not only by a beefy pulling power, but also by a direct response. Driven at high speed, the four-cylinder can be heard clearly, however. The six-speed manual transmission in the Focus is smooth and is characterized by short shift travel.

Long-distance comfort
The long-distance comfort of the Focus Titanium 2013 leaves little to be desired. The tautly sprung chassis is quite sporty design, but offers plenty of comfort. In a very bumpy surface is very uneven, the steering wheel directly to the driver, which requires a strong grab, even if in the background the Torque Vectoring Control ensures driving stability. Master curves, the focus Titanium is almost like a sports car.

Start-stop system
The standard start-stop system works in both the shutdown and the start-up mode so discreet that it never interferes. Almost automatically, the driver uses a short time the fuel-saving mechanism that is triggered only by the disengagement at idle. At a fuel-saving driving habits, the 2013 Focus Titanium is content with just under eight liters Super per 100 kilometers, indulges in fast motorway journeys, the Cologne but also like one more than nine liters. The CO2 emissions of the sprint strong focus is 137 grams per kilometer.

The Ford Focus Titanium is a chic and practical compact combination with powerful engine and good long-distance comfort. Optionally, a wide range of safety and comfort equipment is ordered.

ford focus titanium 2013

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