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2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid - by 4/5 Rating
The Honda CRX was in the 1980s one of the most popular small sports coupe, the Honda CR-Z is the spirit of the CRX was revived in 2010. Compact dimensions and a lot of athleticism at an affordable price are the ingredients for the CR-Z.

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Also on board are, among other things, ABS, ESP, six airbags, LED daytime running lights, cruise control, a rear parking assistance, rain and light sensor, automatic air conditioning, electric windows, central locking with remote control, a premium sound system with 360 watts, 17 "alloy wheels and xenon headlights.

Quite a lot to offer Honda's sporty outfit and is also reflected in the interior. The fixtures for landscape looks very sporty, on the other, very futuristic. Satellite operator on both sides of the fittings, knobs and many many ads can equal even fear that the operation will not be easy.

But it takes place behind the wheel, you realize quickly that everything is arranged very logically and you can find his way straight away. The ads are extremely beautiful in presentation and change their color depending on the driving style. A strong green is intended to illustrate the driver that he is just very economical way.

The space available in the CR-Z is similar athletic cut as it was in the CRX, with driver and front passenger have plenty of space, the rear seats of the 4-seater, however, are more likely to be seen as occasional seats for small children. Also, the boot capacity is 207 liters with dimensions slightly, for the CR-Z offers many practical shelves in the interior, as well as good-sized cup holders in the center console.

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid interior

In a small sportsmen like the CR-Z but should not this more driving fun than the space be crucial. To strike a balance between sportiness and fuel efficiency, the CR-Z has got a hybrid drive.

The 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 121 hp (89 kW) electric motor is powered by a 20 HP support (15 kW). The system output is 137 hp (101 kW). The system torque of 190 Nm is 1000-2000 rev / min is available, which already down and out of a lot of power is available.

Especially in the city can be extremely economical way. The manual 6-speed transmission is in fact graded very short, and you just over 50 km / h of 6 Passage of the recommended gear indicator is called for.

The driver can also select between ECON driving modes, Normal and Sport. In ECON mode, all systems will be trimmed to absolute frugality. Here, the throttle response is a bit tough, and the acceleration values ​​are not quite as appealing as the other modes.

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

In normal mode you can get the best in daily life to make ends meet and also experienced a good amount of fun, especially if electric and petrol engine combines do their work. Who wants to get close to the sportiness of the CRX previous models, must switch to Sport mode. Then the CR-Z is very supple brushed on sportiness and sprints in 9.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h

He is a little slower than the first CRX, by the hybrid technique that more facilities and the new safety standards, the CR-Z but also gained the weight properly. With 1282 kg it is indeed for today's vehicles still quite light, but was much heavier than the not by 900-pound CRX.

Remained the same is the love of speed, as before, the path leads to the greatest driving pleasure also in the CR-Z only high speeds. Here, you notice also that the noise reduction has become better and you hardly will notice the high speed orgy in the interior.

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Very sporty design are also chassis and suspension, the CR-Z drives like on rails, which is also due to the low center of gravity. The steering could still be a touch more direct, but it fits very well when it comes to moving the CR-Z in city traffic.

When consuming the CR-Z is presented again as a saving master, if one is traveling in ECON mode. Then you could definitely get the 5.2 liter fuel consumption, as indicated by your work. We have come to use in normal and sport mode on an average consumption of 6.2 liters, which is still fully in order.

With the CR-Z Honda has a worthy successor to the CRX in the program, however not as good sells far as its legendary predecessor in any case. Our testing has shown that the CR-Z deserves far more resonance. It offers a top-quality equipment is very independent, drives both sporty as it is economical and is still calculated at fair price. Anyone looking for a small, crisp athlete who has an innovative drive with not too many hp, the CR-Z is definitely in the right place.

2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

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