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2013 Ford Focus LPG

2013 Ford Focus LPG2013 Ford Focus LPG - by 4/5 Rating
Ford Focus now available with gas engines
In Saarlouis, Ford has taken the production of the 2013 Ford Focus LPG bi-fuel with LPG drive. The auxiliary fuel tank installed for the liquefied gas in the sedan has a usable volume of 40 liters, the Ford Focus LPG as a tournament, there are 0.8 liters more.

2013 ford focus lpg

Alternatively, the operation keeps the fuel costs are lower and the environment cleaner. The range is due to the continued operation is possible alternative to gasoline at more than 1,000 Kilometern. The Ford Focus with 1.6-liter LPG engine has a power of 86 kW / 117 hp and has a 5-speed manual transmission. The consumption values ​​are an average of 8.0 liters per 100 kilometers, its CO2 emissions at 130 grams per kilometer. In gasoline mode, the Ford model a power of 88 kW / 120 hp and comes on a standard consumption of 6.0 liters per 100 kilometers and a CO2 rating of 139 grams

The Ford Focus LPG as a 5-door sedan and tournaments are offered in the equipment versions Trend and Titanium. In addition to the Ford Mondeo and the Ford Fiesta is also now the Ford C-Max with LPG engine available.

2013 ford focus lpg

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